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Wealthy Affiliate Review

Kyle and Carson, no last names given, own Wealthy Affiliate. A text based membership site, gives you the tools and support for building an online business. They give written instructions on how to build your business without building it for you. These online entrepreneurs began Wealthy Affiliate in 2005 and it has been growing ever since with new information added constantly.

To start out you will go through a thirty-day email course. The lessons are include an instruction section followed by a daily task list. You should accomplish these tasks before going on to the next lesson. Each lesson is built upon the one before it. There are some "breather" lessons that do nothing but give you time to catch up on unfinished tasks.

In one of the early lessons you are introduced to Street Aricles. This is another site owned by the duo. It is an article directory. The article you put on this site cannot be published anywhere else including your own website. This may be a little confining, but you can put a similar article on Street Articles and save the good one for your site.

You do not need to use Street Articles. Substitute your favorite article directory for Street Articles. Most article directories will let you publish your article elsewhere as long as it is published with the same author everywhere it is published.

If you cannot put in a full day, and I'm not to sure even if you do, it will take more than a day to complete each lesson, with the exception of the days you don't have any tasks. At present I am on Day 12. I will update this blog as I make advances.

One of the reasons I considered Wealthy Affiliate was their keyword research tools. When I joined this tool was not available. After a couple of weeks, they introduced Jaaxy. This is their new keyword research tool that comes with a monthly charge. I will experiment with the Adwords keyword tool and Wordtracker to get use to keyword research before I start a paid membership to Jaaxy. Although Jaaxy looks good, if you are like me, you will be spending money before you know how to do that particular function.

More to come.

Stay tuned.


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