Internet Marketing

You want to build an online business, but will you be successful? You will better your chances if you have a mentor. That’s because a lot of the trial and error frustration is taken out of the equation. Hard work plus working a proven method equals success. Using a mentor that already has a successful online business is what you are really looking for to start your own online business.

When you start working for a brick and mortar establishment, you usually have a mentor. Someone to show you the ropes. This person, hopefully, knows your functions as well as the company wide functions. If you have any questions, he is your go-to person. You may have experienced a situation where your mentor does not know your job function. This can be frustrating; trying to solve a problem without anybody’s help. It wastes precious time.

The same is true for starting an online business. You need a mentor to show you the ropes. Sure you can probably figure most of the steps out by yourself, but it will waste precious time. If it takes too much time you are more likely to quit.

Let’s take a look at some of the basic steps to get you up and running. I will assume you have your business already defined.

The first thing is to build your website. Picking the right domain name is very important. This should reflect what the content on the site is about. Now that you have a domain name you need a reliable web hosting site that has the tools that are right for you. Your mentor can help you through this, and you will be glad he did.

There are methods and processes to get your website ranked high in the search engines. Following your mentor’s instructions will help make this happen. The intended purpose for this is to have targeted traffic routed to your website.

Building a list will be your next goal. An opt-in form strategically placed on your website builds your list. New and returning customers come from your list. Your mentor will give you information on how to do this as well.

In order to get your potential customers to join your list, you must have a receptive page. This may be your landing page or your blog. Useful content here is required to entice your visitors to become a subscriber. A subscriber can be a future customer.

Using a mentor will drastically reduce your start-up time. What would take you years to accomplish can be done in months. On your journey of building your own online business, you may find that having more than one mentor is very advantageous.

Regardless of how many mentors you have, choose wisely. Research online for information about your mentor or mentors. Find out what is being said about their reputation. Key attributes are honesty, trustworthiness and reliability.

Now go build your online business!